Small Cannabis Extraction Equipment


The system is a multifunctional base system, designed for the laboratory, that will allow separations, extractions and nanoparticle creation. A huge range of vessel sizes and material of construction are available to customize your system. The base unit vessel assembly can be linked to additional processing such as cyclone separators, precipitation vessel, xxpansion vessel, etc

Our story

The base system comprises:

  • CO2 Pump Pressure Vessel
  • Assembly Recirculating Bath (chiller)
  • Control software

Product Overview

Compact base unit. Touch screen control allows fast action control of system controls. Pressure vessel assemblies up to 1 litre with a 5 port cap. Inputs, vents & outlets are controlled with high-pressure valves located on front panel. Digital pressure & temperature displays to custom resolution. Heating of pressure vessels by efficient band heaters. Special high pressure/temperature stirrers, to 10,000 psi & 340 deg C, with control panel monitoring of stirrer speed. Modifier/Liquid pumps for addition of polar solvents & countercurrent column operation.


  • Able to perform cannabis extractions and separations such as:
  • Flavors and fragrances
  • Critical cleaning
  • Critical point drying