Integrated Growth Solutions

Focuses on Plant Health and Fertilizer Optimization


Core Mission

The core mission of Integrated Growth Solutions is to consult and facilitate the cannabis industry in cultivating, manufacturing, and suppling compliant and safe products for adult-use and medicinal cannabis markets.

Decades of Experience

IGS has a proven track record of assisting cannabis businesses in optimizing their production and manufacturing facilities. Our clients have been some of the leading entities in the recreational and medicinal cannabis industry, as well as the hemp industry. We have worked with some of the largest companies in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, and Greece. Our client list includes companies such as Elixinol and Zoetic. We have worked with nearly all types of cultivation, including indoor hydroponics, soils, commercial greenhouse and hybrid house structures, and field row agricultural settings.


IGS focuses on optimizing the technical, logistical, and financial aspects of cannabis businesses through careful data-driven decisions. Through a strong data-oriented focus on plant health and nutrition, IGS has been able to reduce or completely eliminate use of pesticides and fungicides in large scale cultivation operations. IGS specializes in creating customized nutrient programs to increase plant health and the plant’s natural defenses against pests and disease, while greatly reducing input costs. Our input costs are often reduced to 1/10th of commercial bottled nutrients. In addition to customized dry salt formulas, we also offer soil mineral balancing for use in organic or conventional production in field soils or container soil mixes. This allows facilities to responsibly reduce waste and reuse and recycle soils.

IGS dials in nutritional programs using advanced methods such as sap and tissue analysis, as well as various types of soil and media analysis. Using this data, we build a baseline of tendencies that are specific to the environment and given growing conditions and create a continuous feedback loop that allows further optimization of plant health and nutrition at a greatly reduced cost. IGS offers standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all aspects of cultivation, processing, and manufacturing. IGS also offers management and employee training in various aspects of cultivation, including cloning, propagation, crop cadence and scheduling, harvest, drying, and processing. Our firm is available to help you cut costs on inputs, find limiting factors in your production environment, employee workflow, and facility design. We create comprehensive programs to deal with these challenges head on and offer leading IP to maintain industry standards.