Industy Leading Flow-rates

100% True Automation

Sub & Super-critical extraction capabilities

Engineered Heat Exchangers

Industry Leading Run-times

Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster Pumps

Fully Automated Control System

100% Communication with Ancillary Equipment

Wide Range of Parameters

Easy Open Enclosures

Mobile Casters

Our story

Australian Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We set up service level in Australian, New Zealand and Australasia to ensure the equipment is up to the standards needed to run optimally. High quality, food grade super-critical CO2 extraction machines backed by expert service and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to the success of every client. That is why we have highly trained customer relations andservice team members to ensure a smooth installation and minimized downtimes.

Decades of experience

We have decades of experience in the food extraction space. We have been using and maintaing this type of equipment for years

No winterization

Many of our clients have developed processes to achieve shelf-ready oil straight from our extractors requiring no winterization.

Industry Leading Flow-Rates

With flow-rates up to 4.1 KG/Min on commercial machines and 42.2 KG/Min on industrial machines, you can expect industry leading run-times.

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