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The CBD Extraction and Purification Process

CBD Extraction and Purification Process-min

The CBD extraction and purification process The extraction of Cannabis plant material and the purification of distinct fractions will be a step-wise process. Each step will result in a smaller amount of material in an increasingly purified form. We will produce pure CBD extract free of all of the possible contaminants in the plant (i.e. […]

Breed cannabis , Grow Cannabis & Dry Cannabis

breed cannabis, growing cannabis , drying cannabis

Breed Cannabis– Breeding cannabis plants with the desired composition. Grow Cannabis- Growing cannabis plants under optimal conditions. Harvest/ Drying Cannabis: Drying cannabis plants when the level of cannabinoids and terpenes are optimal (maximal). Stage 1. Selection and development of the appropriate plant cultivar. The most appropriate cannabis cultivar will be grown under desired conditions. For CBD isolation […]