three people holding phone displaying branding pie chart

Branding your cannabis business is not just your logo or business card. It involves everything you offer other businesses or the end consumer. It is the story, image, and personality of your business that communicates your businesses identity. Strong brands require careful thought, extensive research, specific definition, test-driving and maintenance.

Whether building a brand from the ground up or revamping an established one Australia Cannabis Marketing team can work holistically. We can take you from research to a brand concept, or act to support clients with specialized services, such as brand architecture and messaging strategies.

It is important to understand what your brand stands for and whether your customers and employees feel the same way. For your brand to feel authentic it needs to tell an honest and believable story. By marrying business strategy, values, personality, positioning, and essence ACM works to achieve this for our clients. All of these elements need to come together for everyone who comes into contact with your brand.

We create brand communications that engage your internal and external audiences and bring your brand to life across multiple sectors of the industry. A consistent brand idea, personality, and values ensure your voice always rings true even as your messages and audiences change.



Branding a great cannabis business starts and ends an understanding of the industry. It involves developing a brand strategy to position yourself against the competition.Our marketing efforts ensure you receive an ROI. The relationships we possess domestically and abroad allow for connection to enable us to take you further and faster.