Access & Effects

Palliative care There are very few studies on medicinal cannabis treatment in palliative care, so it should be used only after standard treatments have failed. Medicinal cannabis may interact with chemotherapy and other medications used in palliative care. More studies are needed to better understand this. Access to medicinal cannabis With the exception of one […]


There have been very few well-designed clinical trials using medicinal cannabis, so there is limited evidence on its success in treating different medical conditions, or on effective forms and dosages. The studies that have been undertaken have focused mainly on the following five areas. Epilepsy in children and adult patients Multiple sclerosis (MS) Chronic non-cancer […]


There are a number of ways that patients can gain access to products that have not been approved for use in Australia. Authorised prescribers Medical practitioners can be granted authority to prescribe a specified unapproved therapeutic good or class of unapproved therapeutic goods to specified recipients or classes of recipients Special access scheme Arrangements to […]

The CBD Extraction and Purification Process

CBD Extraction and Purification Process-min

The CBD extraction and purification process The extraction of Cannabis plant material and the purification of distinct fractions will be a step-wise process. Each step will result in a smaller amount of material in an increasingly purified form. We will produce pure CBD extract free of all of the possible contaminants in the plant (i.e. […]