Terpenes in cannabis

An Overview of Terpenes in cannabis

An overview of the terpenes in cannabis. Introduction. Cannabis has been used for millennia as a medicine and recreational intoxicant. While medicinal cannabis is best known for its pharmacologically active cannabinoids, cannabis resin also contains a variety of terpenes, which are responsible for the scent of cannabis flowers and the flavour qualities of cannabis products. […]

Cannabis in New Zealand

New Zealand Cannabis & Hemp

New Zealand Cannabis In 2018 New Zealand’s government passed a law that makes medical marijuana legal over the coming years. The law allowed the way for New Zealand companies to manufacture medicinal cannabis for local and international distribution. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has developed this scheme. Last year there was a formal ‘amnesty’ […]

Cannabis Extraction Processes

Cannabis Extraction Processes

Cannabis Extraction Processes Traditional botanical extractions aim to provide the extracts in a readily usable form. Various methods have been used to create cannabis concentrates. It is important to understand the desired results and the reasons for using the extracts (e.g. medical, therapeutic or recreational). Within a cannabis processing plant, the extraction process (e.g. light […]

Decarboxylation of cannabinoids

Decarboxylation of cannabinoids

The decarboxylation of cannabinoids.   While the legal status of cannabis can vary significantly, extracts of the Cannabis plant (in the form of crude drugs, marijuana, hashish or hash oil) are the most widely consumed and popular recreational/medicinal botanical drug product in the world. Cannabis is now one of the most thoroughly studied plants with […]

Access & Effects

Australia Access & Affects

Access to medicinal cannabis With the exception of one product (Nabiximols), medicinal cannabis products are not registered medicines in Australia, and none are subsidized through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), so they can only be accessed through special pathways available for unapproved medicines. A variety of products are currently available through these pathways, via import […]