Cleanest & Safest Methods for extracting cannabis 

CO2 cannabis extraction is the cleanest, safest method for extracting cannabis compounds. Our high-pressure cannabis extraction equipment has over 30 years experience engineering technology. The full flexibility in design allows custom configuration of the Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) system. It allows us to design multi-vessels in parallel or sequential designs. We have state of the art equipment to ensure the integrity vessels and ancillaries. All our cannabis extractions equipment is specific to Australian standards and certifications. All electrical configurations and components adhere to Australian electrical compliance standards. No need to rewire or reconfigure equipment. Access to service personnel throughout Australia for after-market support or expertise.

Our story

Liquid Cannabis Extraction Equipment


The system features innovative cannabis extraction. The extraction process can be adapted to on-line systems.The operating pressures can be up to 700 bar, and thermolabile products can be extracted with set temps through to 200 deg C.


Full central processor control of all parameters, valves, pumps, chillers.

Custom design for quick opening/closing of extractors and separators.

GMP Process plant rating to conform to Regulatory standards for Food and Pharma grading.



Cannabinoids from hemp solvent extracts

Fractionated separation of oils and waxes

Separation of polyunsaturated fatty acids




Our customer specific equipment has a 6-8 month manufacturing time.

The most amazing things about extracting with CO2 is the ability to separate individual compounds.