CO2 Cannabis Extraction

CO2 cannabis extraction is the cleanest, safest method for extracting cannabis compounds. Our high-pressure cannabis extraction equipment has over 30 years experience engineering technology. The full flexibility in design allows custom configuration of the Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) system. It allows us to design multi-vessels in parallel or sequential designs. We have state of the art equipment to ensure the integrity vessels and ancillaries. All our cannabis extractions equipment is specific to Australian standards and certifications. All electrical configurations and components adhere to Australian electrical compliance standards. No need to rewire or reconfigure equipment. Access to service personnel throughout Australia for after-market support or expertise.

Our customer specific equipment has a 6-8 month manufacturing time.

The most amazing things about extracting with CO2 is the ability to separate individual compounds.


Liquid Cannabis Extraction Equipment


The system features innovative cannabis extraction. The extraction process can be adapted to on-line systems.The operating pressures can be up to 700 bar, and thermolabile products can be extracted with set temps through to 200 deg C.


Full central processor control of all parameters, valves, pumps, chillers.

Custom design for quick opening/closing of extractors and separators.

GMP Process plant rating to conform to Regulatory standards for Food and Pharma grading.


Cannabinoids from hemp solvent extracts

Fractionated separation of oils and waxes

Separation of polyunsaturated fatty acids

Small Cannabis Extraction Equipment


The system is a multifunctional base system, designed for the laboratory, that will allow separations, extractions and nanoparticle creation. A huge range of vessel sizes and material of construction are available to customize your system. The base unit vessel assembly can be linked to additional processing such as

Cyclone separators

Precipitation vessel

Expansion vessel, etc.

The base system comprises:

CO2 Pump

Pressure Vessel Assembly

Recirculating Bath (chiller)

Control software


Compact base unit.

Touch screen control allows fast action control of system controls.

Pressure vessel assemblies up to 1 litre with a 5 port cap.

Inputs, vents & outlets are controlled with high-pressure valves located on front panel.

Digital pressure & temperature displays to custom resolution.

Heating of pressure vessels by efficient band heaters.

Special high pressure/temperature stirrers, to 10,000 psi & 340 deg C, with control panel monitoring of stirrer speed.

Modifier/Liquid pumps for addition of polar solvents & countercurrent column operation.


Able to perform cannabis extractions and separations such as:

Flavors and fragrances

Critical cleaning

Critical point drying


Vessel Rating To 15,000 psi
High press.Pump type Pneumatic
Chiller Rating 820 BTU/hr

Operating pressure in psi, and are pressure vessels and seals are pressure certified?

Australian certification by organisation that is independent of what the overseas supplier is able to certify.

Stirrer Rating 3,000rpm at 10,000psi, 350 Deg

Solid Materials Systems


Able to custom design the Supercritical Fluid Extraction system to any size and configuration.

Pressure up to 700bar.

Medium size systems usually have vessel sizes from 1 to 20 litres but can design any size needed.

The extraction can be achieved with single or multiple vessels either in parallel or in sequence.

Separators can include an intermediary fluid cyclone for better fractionation.

Fractionated temperature and pressure cycles.

Engineered quality built into each system.

Adaptive to liquid/liquid extraction as an option. Easy access to components in the rig.

Interface with software for the overview of a control circuit, touch screen graphics.

Certificates for conformance to pressure vessel standards.


Closed CO2 cycle.

Hand operated quick opening extractors

Fractionated separations with fluid cyclone.

Windows for visual observation.

Mass flow CO2 measurement for accurate control of extraction efficiency.

Ultrasonic Interfaces.

Counter-current columns

Focussing Microwaves through SCF pressure vessels

In-vessel analytical measurements


Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (PMI) for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

Degreasing of catalysts, medical implants and microchip sets.

Extraction of monomers from polymers.

Extraction of Cannabinoids from hemp plants.

Regeneration of molecular sieves.

Target site hydrogenation and polyolefin fractionation