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Australia’s cannabis market is very hard to understand. The Cannabis industry is going to be one of the most regulated industries in the world. If you understand the changes to the rules and regulation you will be a step ahead of your competition. Having the correct information is necessary when you need to stay ahead of your competition. Australia Cannabis Inc. Consulting professionals understand the current laws and regulation.

We have cannabis consultants and project managers professionals that specialise in each of the following areas;

Australia Cannabis Consulting;

  • Safety, Risk Management & Record-keeping
  • Security, Safety & Compliance
  • Site plans & Floorplans
    • Building & Construction
    • Lighting Electrical
  • Inventory Management
  • Extraction methods; Co2.
  • Analytics;
    • Equipment
    • Consulting on Mould, Pesticides & Bugs.

Our organization can help in the following stages of the project planning

  • Application
  • Growing Procedures
  • Extraction Procedure

Give us a call at +61 4 813 184 98 to speak with our specialist.

Cannabis and marijuana consulting in Australia.






Cannabis Project Management

Australia Cannabis consultants are project management professionals that have expertise in the all aspects of the cannabis manufacturing process. The cannabis industry is difficult to trust. The industry is just starting to gain acceptance and grow around the world as it jumps out of the black market. It is tough to know how to develop relationships within this dynamic industry especially aligning yourself to accomplish your goals. The North American market has pushed ahead in technological development. Australia Cannabis Inc. key personnel have worked within the industry in North America and has the connections to help your business stand out in Australia. We have partnered with international lawyers, international cultivation experts, local construction companies and local security companies to fully understand and manage the cannabis industry in Australia.

We are here to help your organization thrive in an industry that is difficult to navigate. Australia Cannabis Inc. doesn’t want to be thought of as a consultancy but more of a project management team helping your organization complete your project in scope, on-time and within budget. We will connect you with professionals that specialize in the needs and wants of your operation. Whether it is lighting manufacturers or risk management planning, we have the resources that can handle any project within Australias newest industry. Please give us a call at 0481318498 to talk through your organisation’s needs and wants.