Government Seed to Sale Track and Trace System-Pharmacovigilance

State-of-the-art traceability system tailored for the cannabis industry. The Seed to Sale Track and Trace system ties into our 3rd party inventory management applications and allows industry operations to connect to the network.

Our track and trace (Pharmacovigilance) solution will allow your government organization the ability to monitor cultivators, manufacturers and pharmaceutical agencies efficiently by

  • Access information on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices so site inspectors can use real-time data when reviewing facilities.

  • Track physical inventory to show sales data.

  • Ability to implement lot number tracking to manage quality assurance and ensure traceability.

  • Monitor industry fluctuation.


The system helps to regulate the cannabis industry around Australia in the following areas;

1. Preventing the sale and distribution of cannabis to minors.

2. Preventing revenue from the sale of cannabis from going to criminal enterprises or gangs.

3. Preventing the diversion of marijuana from Australia to countries where it is considered illegal under federal law.

4. The systems prevents an authorized cannabis activity from being used as a cover for the unlawful traffic of drugs.

The systems can record industry patients, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. It can identify patients, caregivers, physicians, and all their relevant information. It can target industry contacts by using segments and campaigns to target the people you want based on criteria. The system has the capability to upload documents like registration forms, pictures, and IDs so that your end users have all the information they need.