• Inventory Management systems
  • Specifications Recordkeeping
  • ERP/Accounting
  • Procedures & Templates


  • Worldwide Export Analysis
  • Export Opportunities
  • Australia Market Analysis
  • Strategy

Australian Cannabis Licensing

We can help build out your security plan from scratch or analyse what you have already built to make improvements. Specialists that we have partnered with from the United States can assist with growing procedures. CO2 extraction experts here in Australia can help build out manufacturing processes. If you are in need of a team to help design your floorplans, lighting plans, security equipment sourcing and location placement please give us a call or email.

If you are planning on building out greenhouses we can assist with light deprivation equipment and greenhouse construction.

  • Light Dep
  • Greenhouse Construction

The Office of Drug Control is going to want to ensure that maintenance of equipment is adhered to throughout the operation of your facility. We can build out the maintenance plans necessary for your facility.

  • Equipment Cleaning
    • Cleaning GMP’s
    • Checklists

Your application and ongoing operational activity may require 3rd party contracts with various vendors like transportation providers and waste management services. We can assist with sourcing these vendors and ensuring these providers adhere to the rules and regulations set by you and the Office of Drug Control.

  • Waste Management Services
  • Security Monitoring Centers
  • Transportation Providers


Recordkeeping is a major guideline from the Office of Drug Control. We can help with procedures for recordkeeping throughout your operation. We also have partnered with various seed-to-sale track and trace/ inventory management/ ERP systems in the United States. These systems offer various ways to track your products, record weights, adhere to compliance measures, provide financial analysis and accounting practices all in the same system.

Cannabis Industry Market Analysis

Our organization works with some of the leading experts in market and industry analysis for the cannabis industry around the world. No matter what you are need of, we can tailor a custom report based on your needs and wants.

We have professionals that specialize in each area of the cannabis industry. Feel free to give us a call at +614 8131 8498 or contact us through the website.