Government Cannabis Regulators

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Are you a government organization that needs the tools to help regulate the industry through a ” Seed to Sale” Track and Trace system, big data, compliance, international regulation, and growth within this emerging industry.

We can help government cannabis regulation and regulating agencies understand Australia’s cannabis industry with cannabis technology and cannabis regulation. To assist Government agencies, we represent the best seed to sale tracking technologies,  integrated Big Data systems pharmacovigilance from around the world. The global market is starting to take shape and we want to help create a legal framework.

Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Regulation Through Seed to Sale

As the legal cannabis landscape grows it is becoming more complex. New international laws are continually being implemented. Controlling growth and regulation is in need of joint efforts from local, state and federal authorities.

Seed to sale track and trace systems can assist government cannabis regulation in a number of ways;

  • Production & Activity systems allow regulators to see quantities grown, locations of plants, right down to what materials used if necessary.
  • Forecasting demand allows agencies the ability to manage licenses and applications.
  • Fully mobile applications are available in order to allow staff access to data anywhere. In addition, it allows the organizations the ability to operate more efficiently during onsite inspections.
  • The system is hosted in Microsoft Azure in order to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Training is provided to ensure your team is up to speed on-site and online.
  • The seed to sale system has the ability to implement lot number tracking to manage quality assurance and ensure traceability and pharmacovigilance.

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