World Trade of Cannabis 

Our organization was created to help facilitate world trade of the cannabis plant and cannabis products.

“Our vision is to be able to trade product legally in a regulated and complaint formate. We are challenging the status quo is by pushing the industry forward through banking, compliance, regulation, and technology.” 

Australia Cannabis Inc. provides products and services to the Medical Marijuana Industry in Australia and New Zealand. We hope to connect the Australiasian market with the rest of the world as we build out our compliant formate.

Our business was created to help government organizations, medical cannabis businesses, and patients find the right products and services. We put together the most knowledgeable team from around the world to assist the Australian and New Zealand Industry.

Our Vision

 Government Organizations

First of all, we assist Australian Government Organizations with compliance and regulation. Australia Cannabis Marketplace

has partnered with seed to sale technology companies, analytical equipment suppliers and security consulting experts.  Our experience in the worldwide market has let us stand out from local suppliers and consultants. Project manager and consultants in our organization started in the North American Cannabis Industry and want to help you.


Medical Cannabis Businesses

Australia Cannabis Inc. supplies products and services for medical cannabis businesses. Our organization consults on the applications, licensing, growing procedures, extraction processes and advice on equipment.

We have worked on safety and security measures submitted to The Office of Drug Control. Our team has advised on site plans/ floor plans, lighting, HVAC, greenhouses, recordkeeping practices, growing procedures in Australia and abroad. The staff at Australia Cannabis Marketplace represent the best industry knowledge from around the world. They understand the specifics of the Australian Medical Cannabis Industry and want to help your business learn what is needed within the industry.


Cannabis Patients

Our organization hopes to help connect products and services to the patient as we grow and develop. We are actively looking to see what type of regulation is in place to help promote products to consumers in Australia. Ultimately we believe in the worldwide
legalization of cannabis through control, compliance, and technology.