Christopher Vaos
Growing & Cultivation Specialist

Christopher Vaos has been involved in the legal cannabis industry since 2009 and has been cultivating cannabis since 2005 at an only increasing scale. Initially born in Athens, Greece but grew up in Miami, Florida; Christopher earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. In 2009, he built and ran a cultivation facility in Boulder, Colorado that was sold to Rocky Mountain Remedies in 2011. Since then, he has been working as an industry consultant, assisting facilities with design, construction, scaling, plant health and horticultural guidance, and new licensing and application, working with facilities in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Florida. Christopher has been very data-driven and science-based in his endeavors with an excellent track record. Most recently, he owned and operated a CBD hemp farm in Western Colorado, using soil chemistry and other agricultural methods to produce a healthy crop with minimal inputs, successfully cultivating cannabis in a row crop setting

A consultant/project manager overseeing a wide range of responsibilities in the cannabis space. Over the past 10 years, he has completed an International MBA with a focus on project management. He has owned and operated his own business. He has headed up management consulting projects focusing on process improvement. The last 5 years Joshua has been focused on the cannabis industry through start-up organizations. In addition, he has worked on large-scale management consulting projects in Seattle, Washington USA, South Carolina USA, Queensland, Australia and the country of Georgia. He started out in the cannabis industry within the banking and compliance sector in the United States. His goal is to move the global cannabis industry forward through banking, compliance, and technology sectors.

Joshua Savage (IMBA, CAPM)
Business Development/ Project Manager/ Management Consultant